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Art Exhibition

Average Moon

At Hole in the Sky, an Artist-run Gallery, and workspace, we had a studio that had been vacant for a while so I came up with idea to start a residency program that would give an artist of our choosing free studio space for 3 months, a materials allowance and a solo exhibition at Hole in the Sky Collective. With the help of other studio mates, we deliberated on who the first artist would be and decided to go with the very talented Marisa Rasum

100% of the profits for the art sales went to the artist and the show was a huge hit, Rasum sold tons of work, and good times were had by all. I organized the residency program from the open call to the selection of the artist, to the announcement and all promotional materials related to the show including the press release.

Watch a short promo video I filmed and edited below. 

Press Release

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