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I/O Sandbox

Google 2024

Google tasked us with creating an interactive showcase for their latest AI-powered tools at the IO 2024 Developer Conference. We crafted six distinct structures to highlight their key innovations. 

We designed compact stations for hands-on exploration of Gemini Pro, featuring its multi-modal capabilities. Larger display areas provided immersive experiences with other cutting-edge technologies. 

Our live soccer demo, "Penalty Kick Challenge," engaged guests in refining their skills with real-time feedback and personalized stat printouts. 

A retro-modern recording studio introduced MusicFX DJ, empowering guests to craft AI-driven music by manipulating physical sliders and knobs. 

For "Infinite Wonderland," an AI project, we constructed a dynamic structure where guests could generate unique visuals inspired by Alice in Wonderland, printed as personalized Tarot cards. 

Finally, we unveiled Google's Quantum AI lab through a life-sized replica, offering insights into their pioneering advancements in quantum computing, including showcasing the qubit and chip components.

Role: Environmental Designer

Agency: VT Pro Design

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