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The Gift of Flight


With “Gift of Flight” we were able to connect Dramamine, a product used for motion-inducing experiences (both big and small), with the larger conversation around virtual reality (VR). In this innovative and ambitious campaign, we captured the experience of 5 real motion sickness sufferers as they were surprised and delighted to fly 15 feet in the air within simulated adventures. As they rode on a speedboat, raced on a test track, flew like Superman through a busy city, and braved an epic roller coaster, we had a 21-foot jib swooping through a 3000 sq foot soundstage to capture every reaction. 

Not to worry, with 50 feet of aircraft cable connecting them to the rig, no one was injured or got sick in the making of this experience. The subjects weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the ride. Through targeted social posts, the final video received 3.5MM views on Facebook and an additional 500K on YouTube. The conversation around “Gift of Flight” only grew with 5800 likes and 1200 shares.

As Industrial Designer on this project, I was responsible for concept development as well as set design and also acted as the stoic scientist in the final commercial. Still working on getting it on my IMDB page... 

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