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Oscar Showcases 2019


Netflix came to MKG with the idea to make a series of gallery-style showcases for each of their oscar nominated films for the 2019 Oscar season. They wanted to feature 4 films: Dolemite, Marriage Story, Two Popes, and The Irishman in an unused part of the Landmark theater in the Westside Pavillion in Los Angeles. I was brought on to help bring the Marriage Story, Two Popes, and The Irishman exhibits to life. We designed custom fabricated elements paired with furniture rentals from local prop shops to bring different elements of each film to the moviegoers and passersby. 

Each showcase came with its own set of variables that we worked through working with costume designers, directors, and other tradespeople that worked on the film. As these were temporary events, sometimes up for only a few weeks, we relied heavily on printed graphics to really transport the spectators to the world created within each film. 



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