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Solo Exhibition


My first solo show featuring a collection of works spanning a 10 year period of mixed media collages, video installations, sculpture, furniture, and more.


Watch the recap video I put together below.

Artist Statement:

Adam Richard Nelson Hughes is an Artist and Industrial Designer living and working in Washington DC. His works are formulated around the exploration of color and its interaction with found images, sculptures, and objects. Motivated by the idea of re-use and re-appropriation of items that have either been discarded, forgotten, or tucked into a corner of your grandparent's house, his work brings new life by employing a variety of mediums, from acrylic paint, boomboxes, and old tube TVs, to plywood and plaster sculpture. Forever in search of the perfect balance of vivid, computer-generated colorways combined with naturally aged and faded images of forests and landscapes long forgotten, the juxtaposition is inspired by the bright and vibrant textiles worn by various indigenous populations in natural landscapes. This show is a collection of works spanning the past 10 years of experimentation in a number of different fields and mediums.

February 23 - March 2

Homme Gallery

52 O Street NW

Washington, DC 20001


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