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The Innovation Box

Proctor & Gamble

P&G came to ISL with a challenge: create an unparalleled, irresistible interactive experience that stands out from the pack while showcasing how P&G’s brands are changing the way we live, consume, and adapt.

Through many brainstorming sessions we finally landed on a projection mapped cube that allows users to interact with all white 3D printed Proctor & Gamble products. When users placed the mysterious products on the center pedestal the projections came to life illustrating what the product was and how it was working towards a more eco-friendly product landscape. 

As Industrial Designer on this project I helped brainstorm the final concept, lead sketching and rendering, prepared technical drawings and floor plans, handed off final designs to fabricators and also fabricated key components such as the 3D printed "trophies" used in the installation.

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