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MasterChef Table Service

Grubhub x Masterchef

Fans of Masterchef have long been relegated to the couch, watching experiences they'll never have and dreaming about food they'll never taste. 

But finally, we can give them a seat at the table. 

To introduce MasterChef Table, we delivered more than the dishes they've been ogling - We delivered the full dining experience. Fully mechanized and loaded with everything needed for a fine dining experience, winners were wowed as our Maitre d' wheeled in this unique dining experience. At first glance, guests had no idea what was being brought into their apartments. After the cart was put in place, the Maitre d' pressed a button as the top rose up revealing a chandelier, the chair was pulled out and the table leaf opened up to reveal a Grubhub bag filled with a MasterChefs prepared meal. 

This cart was delivered to contest winners as well as influencers that created content for the contest launch.

Role: Lead 3D Designer

Agency: MKG

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